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Customers in the Capital(Greater Accra Region) enjoy A right at my Doorstep delivery. which attract a flat fee of  10-40 Ghana Cedis. depending on your location.

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Cash on delivery is  an option for customers only in the Greater Accra Region.

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Falaabi delivers to all parts of the country. Customers in Greater Accra enjoys the “Right at my door step delivery”. Unfortunately customers outside Greater Accra has to meet our third parties(VIP Transport Services, other transport services and individual transport services) for their packages in their various Regions. Also customers outside Greater Accra Region has to pay a flat rate of GHC20-50 which is not inclusive in the prices of items on the site.Customers outside Greater Accra Region however can contract their own delivery services to convey the items bought to them. Falaabi is however not responsible for damage of such goods/items/products which will be delivered by the customers own delivery persons. for more explanation on delivery outside the Capital please call our hot lines +233 0553014193/+233 0540623113


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